Friday, May 18, 2007

Acoustic Front of Resistance

Punk rock played on an acoustic guitar. It isn't something that gets a lot of recognition and some would argue that it doesn't even exist by the very definition of punk rock. I mean how can you possibly fit the raw energy, passion, and message of punk music into a format that involves acoustic guitars, harmonica, and possibly light percussion instruments? It isn't something that many people try, even fewer of those who do, manage to succeed. Though if you're willing to look, you'll find it. If you want a glowing example of it's success with flying colors then look no further than South Lyon, Michigan's "Acoustic Front of Resistance".

The three things most people agree make up punk music are it's energy, it's passion, and it's message. All of these things are laced brilliantly and elegantly throughout the clunking melodies of Acoustic Front of Resistance. The lyrics range in subject matter from the D.I.Y ethic, to politics, to musings on life. The wheezing harmonica accompanies the chugging chords of the acoustic and the throaty belt of the vocals that couldn't be sung with more sincerity. There is a certain sense of deliberate, razor sharp poignancy in the phrasing of the vocal that lets you hear every word and let it soak in.

For the love of god, just go listen to him:

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