Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Labels That We Place On One Another

I've always felt like a good word to describe myself is "eccentric" but throughout my life I've found that the majority of people seem to favor "geek" or "nerd". I'm not entirely sure who is correct in this instance. Is it "geeky" to love literature that's specifically written and targeted toward teenage girls or adult women? Is it "nerdy" to have a passion for boy bands AND punk rock? Does my love of the band Hanson make me a nerd? Am I geek for putting Tabasco on almost everything that I eat? Admittedly, I do posses a large number of more "traditional" geek qualities (a love of comic books, passion for literature, a fondness for anything involving aliens, etc.) but I feel like these things only add to my unique eccentricities.

I don't doubt that there are bland people out there, but I genuinely believe that every person is a patch in the quilt and every patch is different. Would you really describe a beautiful handmade piece of unique art, like a patchwork quilt, with arbitrary labels for every individual scrap used in it's making? Personally, I would pour over it, looking at all the pieces and wondering about each of their stories. Maybe that's my personality though. Perhaps there are people who step back and look at the mismatched monstrosity and think that it's ugly.

I realize that I've asked more questions than I've answered at this point, but that's really the point of this. I want to know about people. It's the reason I sit in a library or a cafe and read when I could just as easily do it in my apartment. I like to watch people and wonder about their stories.

Who am I? I'm 22 years old, very liberal in my beliefs, more than a little effeminate, and I love my family more than anything in the world. I've been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, severe depression, and a serious anxiety disorder. I've been living with this since I was 6 years old. I love music with a passion and I'm not very good at playing but that doesn't stop me from trying. I love Mexican food, comic books, literature of any kind, and writing.

I could go on forever because one word does not and can not contain me just like it can't contain you. If anyone cares enough to read this I'd like you to tell me about you. Who are you? I genuinely want to know.

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ragnaroktog said...

I.... Am... Iron... Man!!!

Huh... you're right. It was two words.