Thursday, January 6, 2011

Doing This Brian Style

Today's blog will be brought to you in the trade mark Brian Buckley style of a random bulleted list.

  • My brother-in-law got Loren and I an iPod touch for Christmas (primarily to use as a simple way to video chat with him Colorado) but I downloaded Tetris for it. I have since become clinically addicted to Tetris. Moreover I've discovered that I am very good at it. Why are all of my skills completely useless?
  • Music I've been listening to lately: Lauren O'Connel, The White Stripes, and some old Scout and Tsunami Bomb records I haven't touched in years.
  • Lyric is on the precipice of crawling. All of the pieces are there, she just can't seem to put them together in the right order. She gets up on her hands and knees and lunges forward with her legs, makes it a few inches, pushes up again and repeats. She can army crawl and role like there's no tomorrow. Also sometimes she pushes up without touching her knees or calves to the floor... just her feet and hands, forming a sort of triangle. In this position she sort of leans forward trying to make herself go. Like I said, all the pieces are there, she just can't figure out what order to put them in.
  • Also new to Lyric's list of talents and abilities is clapping. She loves to clap which is nice since I can just pretend that she's applauding everything I do. Also on the list is a new face. We call it her angry face because when she's cranky or upset she'll scrunch up her nose and lips and snort in and out through her nose really loudly like a bull. I think it has the opposite effect of what she intends it to because it's just adorable.
  • I've spent the last two Sunday evenings at a bar in my hometown of Davison called Mo Joe's doing karaoke and drinking with my best friend Michael Walters. I seriously wish that I could do karaoke every single weekend, I don't even need the beer, just the karaoke. I may not be a good singer by any stretch of the imagination but I love to sing. Sitting and watching people doing their songs and getting up there myself is better than therapy or medication. Also the bar has the best wings I've ever eaten.
  • In a blog a while back I wrote that I was close to recording and finally putting together an album. That has yet to happen what with the baby and lack of motivation but I'm giving some serious thought to maybe picking up the guitar again and getting something down before I'm too old and jaded to care. Who knows.
  • I'm an extremely sarcastic and often cynical person. It's my way of coping with life, which often gets to be too much for me just because of the way that I'm wired. I'm often very self deprecating and I tend to make fun of my own friends sarcastically. Most people close to me know that I'm joking and the subject matter is usually so outlandish that they know there's no possible way it could be in earnest but occasionally my jokes hit a sore spot and I've gotten into some pretty big fights over it. I'm not a mean person. I just deal with things in the way that comes easiest to me. If I have ever offended anyone with something I've said sarcastically I am truly sorry but I'm not going to change who I am. If what I'm saying is bothering you, say something and I'll stop. This has been a public service announcement.