Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bands I'd Like to Hear More From In 2012

1. Trisorta: This is a band from Flint that are unbelievably good. Some of the best three piece rock music you will ever hear on any level, be it local, national, indie, or major. These guys know melody, they know passion, they're some of the best musicians I've ever seen. Unfortunately their music is little more than a back burner thing for them. They're all family men, working me, etc. They don't really have aspirations or pressure to get anything together beyond playing some shows here and there.

They DO however have a three song EP available for FREE (It's worth SOOOO much more) on their bandcamp so for the love of good music go to http://trisorta.bandcamp.com and download the hell out of it. Tell a friend to download it. Where it out in your speakers. I'm hopeful that they'll get a full length or at least more songs recorded in 2012 but not necearily optimistic. I'm not sure how active they are exactly. I know that Chris, their singer and guitarist, plays the occasional solo set around Flint. Maybe we could see some sort of EP out of that. Who knows. "Like" their Facebook page and write on their walls. Let them know you want more.

Likelihood: Slim to none

2. Allcoy: If you want to know more about this band then feel free to scroll down a bit and read the entire blog that I wrote about them. All that I can say is that after hearing the two new tunes they recorded with Nick Diener and their cover songs they released on Bandcamp I am psyched to hear another record or EP from these guys and it's likely that we'll get something from them. They're very savvy with keeping new material out there and they take their music seriously. In the mean time go get their full length "Loud Music For Quiet People" and their new two-song EP over on their Bandcamp page.

Likelihood: Almost certain

3. The Rival: The Rival are probably one of my single favorite bands coming up in mid-michigan right now. Everything about them is incredible. They're a group of amazing musicians who works incredibly together, play off each other's strengths, and really REALLY rock. I described them once as a "punk rock White Stripes on meth" and I stand by that description. Their sound is definitely a bit of an homage to the various music of Jack White but their spin on it is all their own. A live show that will leave the most jaded asshole screaming for more and an energy that I haven't seen in a band in a very long time.

All of that being said they have no merch and only word of mouth to spread their stuff. They've recorded a three song demo which you can download on their Facebook as well as a live in studio demo as well. I reccommend getting those and you can hear just a little bit of the pure energy and raw potential of what they can be. These guys NEED to get a proper EP or full length out! I'm practically salivating to hear ANYTHING from them.

Likelihood: Decent

4. The Patient Zeros: This one man band is the new project of Cj Kjolhede who formerly sang and wrote in Lansing folk rock band "Roll Over Radio". I haven't heard anything from him yet but anything he does is going to be great. Get in on it and show his facebook page some love.

Likelihood: Almost certain

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